– Condominium Facilities –

The blocks for Parc Esta are all North-South orientation.  The distance between the blocks are also of good distance which means that residents can have good privacy.


There are total of 4 side gates in this condominium!


Parc Esta has full condo facilities wherby families can enjoy everything within the compound. Discover premium residences with refned touches, sumptuous realms with exciting facilities in a more than 200-metre-long garden and waterscapeHead over to the indoor Fitness Suite or the Bars & Steps Fitness Station. With a jog and a trot, explore hidden gardens, nature trails, and more exercise spots throughout the property. Perfect your serve at the Tennis Court, or learn a new sport or two at the Multipurpose Court. There’s always time for meditation at the Yoga Pavilion.



When night falls as one drives into the condo they will be greeted by the lantern isle. There is also a lantern promenade for residents to relax and a lantern walk that is beautiful to stroll in.